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Distance and Online Astrology Courses for All Levels

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Explore Astrology

Go beyond daily horoscopes and discover the world of astrology with our short Taster Course. Perfect for complete beginners, this course offers an introductory understanding of astrology, allowing you to explore its depths and decide whether it’s the right path for you.

(This course is not required to take the Foundation Course. It is optional for those wishing to get a taste of astrology.)

Discover the Taster Course

Deepen Your Knowledge

In three modules, you learn about the birth chart, what it is, what information it can give about ourselves, and how to interpret it.  It introduces you to our Code of Ethics, helping you to start working safely with clients.  We teach you about the astronomy of our solar system. You are also introduced to astrological calculation software.

By the time you have finished the Foundation Course, you should be able to interpret a birth chart confidently and helpfully.

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Achieve Mastery

This course is in five modules.  You are introduced to more interpretation techniques building on the skills you have learnt in the Foundation Course.  It covers forecasting techniques in common use and how to apply them.  The Code of Ethics is covered in more depth, and you are encouraged to start working with clients. 

This Diploma in Astrology includes a section on synastry — the study of relationships.  There are also sections on the history of astrology, astronomy, and social and political astrology (also known as mundane astrology).

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Online Classes and Distance Learning

Learn astrology where you want, when you want.

Currently, we teach by email and/or post and you are assigned a tutor.  You can study in your own time and are not confined to set times and dates. 

We will soon start to run online classes, beginning with the Taster and Foundation Courses.  These will be limited in size and will be quite small to ensure that students receive enough attention from their tutor.

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One-to-One Tuition

All students receive one-on-one support from dedicated tutors, ensuring a personal academic experience. This tailored guidance boosts learning outcomes and confidence, preparing you for success in your astrological journey and future career goals.

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What our students say

After much research, I chose astrologycollege.com because I felt that their syllabus was the most in-depth and would give me the best preparation possible to become an astrologer. The support I have received from everyone at astrologycollege.com has been fantastic and I can’t thank my tutor enough for all the support she has given me. I feel that with the teaching I have received, I can go out as a practising astrologer with confidence.

– Joyce, UK

Distance learning with astrologycollege.com gave me the flexibility and independence
I needed to pursue a more formal study of astrology. I really appreciated having
access to a personal tutor, especially as she was prompt in the assessment and return
of my assignments; patient with my many questions and full of knowledge, experience
and enthusiasm for astrology. I studied and took the exams for the Foundation and
Diploma Courses, which I feel have given me the solid grounding in Western astrology
that I was seeking, and in turn has provided a springboard for further exploration in
the art of astrology.

– Dawn, UK

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