Study Astrology with us

Introduction to our Courses

We run three courses, the Taster Course, the Foundation Course and the Diploma Course.  At the moment we teach via distance learning and email.  We recognise that a few people do not like using computers and you can work by post.

One to one tuition

You are assigned a tutor who helps guide you through the module you are enrolled on.  S/he responds to your exercises.  Contact him or her if  you have any queries about the course material.

Online classes

We are developing online classes and have got quite far in the planning stage.  As far as is possible the intention is to run them much like the one to one distance learning method.    We hope to start these later in 2024.  Numbers will be limited to 12 students per module, so that you can have access to the class tutor in the same way as you would have access to a one to one tutor.

Course material

Each module comes with a Manual and a Course Manual.  The Manual includes the lessons to read, and the Course Manual gives you the exercises.  When you have done an exercise, you usually send it to your tutor who will give you a comprehensive response to it.  There are a few exercises where s/he will send you Guidance Notes instead which are standard responses, but you can contact your tutor if you would like further clarification.

Our aims are to:

  • deliver excellent course content together with a student support service;
  • inspire you to become the astrologers of the future, secure in the knowledge that you have received the backing of a course which is well structured;
  • interpret birth charts with confidence and to work safely with clients.

Learn astrology with us

Taster Course

The aim of this short course is to introduce you to astrology if you know nothing or very little about it.  You can then decide whether it is a subject you would like to explore further.  Have those horoscope columns in newspapers, magazines and on social media peaked your interest and you would like to find out more?  Have you heard of a birth chart?  Would you like to start studying your own birth chart?  The Taster Course is designed so you can do this.  If you would like to study astrology with us, there is no obligation to enrol on the Taster Course.  You can go straight onto the Foundation Course.

Foundation Course

This is in three modules.  The first module, Building Blocks, introduces you to the birth chart, a map of the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time, date and place of  birth.  You begin by learning about different parts of the chart and how to start interpreting them.  In the second module, Chart Interpretation, Ethics and Philosophy, you learn how to interpret a whole birth chart in a way that helps the client, and you are introduced to ethics and working safely with clients.

In the third module, Astronomy, Introduction to History and Chart Calculation, you learn about the relevant astronomy you need to know, are introduced to the History of Astrology, and you find out how to calculate a birth chart.  Some of you may find astronomy and chart calculation a little intimidating, but clear guidance is given for chart calculation, and we try to make the astronomy fun and easy to learn.

Diploma Course

There are five modules in the Diploma Course.  You start by learning more birth chart interpretation techniques and you begin forecasting.  Throughout the Diploma Course, you learn about six forecasting techniques in common use.  Also covered is synastry – the study of relationships.  We continue to teach ethics, and working safely with clients.  There is a section on he history of astrology and astronomy which is not covered in the Foundation Course.  Would you like to know about the practical side of setting up an astrology business – we cover this too.

“I derive enormous pleasure from working with – the quality of the teaching and the quality of the students.  Their dedication is a real inspiration.”  Jeannine