We welcome people from all backgrounds to study astrology with us.  Our aim is to ensure equality and fairness in service delivery and to be open to everyone regardless of ethnic, or cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability.  We continually monitor our work to ensure that good practice is maintained.  We try to ensure that the course material is representative of diverse groups and cultures.  We fully acknowledge that there is always room for improvement as far as the course material and service delivery are concerned.

What skills do you need to study with us?

They are not onerous!

Generally, it helps to have an interest in exploring other ways of understanding yourself and others.  Using the language of astrology is one way of doing so.  Have a willingness to go on a new journey.  Like all journeys, there are exiting times when you feel stimulated and alive.  At other times, it may seem like hard work as you struggle to understand something or grasp some skills, so having some persistence is useful.  Like learning a language, there are times when you may feel stuck, but you are half way up the mountain, and suddenly find that you have reached the top.  You have arrived.  You can now speak the language and interpret it for others.

Specifically, you need to have a good grasp of writing and reading in English and have basic numeracy skills.  If English is your second language, have no worries as we take this into account if we know about it.  We would love to translate our course material into other languages but, for all sorts of technical reasons, let alone the finances needed to translate from English into another language, this is not possible at the present time.  A standard level of school education is all that is required for our courses.

A variety of skills.  Astrologers have different skills, and can be quicker at developing some skills than others.  This is normal.  Ideally, it helps to be analytical and precise, while allowing intuition to enter the picture.  Some students find that chart interpretation comes easily, and find it harder to absorb astronomy and chart calculation.  For others, the reverse is the case.

The skills required for each course

The skills required for the Taster and Foundation Courses are as already described, except you do no not need numeracy skills for the Taster Course.

For the Diploma Course, you need to have obtained an intermediate level of knowledge of astrology which does not include forecasting techniques.  If you completed the Foundation Course, you can automatically enrol on the Diploma Course.

If you have learnt astrology elsewhere, please download the Questionnaire or ask for one to be sent to you by email or post.   Answer the questions about your astrological knowledge and return it by email or post to enquiries@serene-rosalind.208-109-215-117.plesk.page, or to 6 Lower Buckfield Cottages, Leominster, HR6 8RN. UK.