The benefits of becoming a diploma holder

You may want to learn astrology for personal development reasons; or you may want to work with clients professionally.  There is no obligation to take our exams but there are major advantages in taking them and gaining our diploma (Dip.astrol.c).  It shows potential clients that you have reached the required standard, and is a recognised qualification if you want to teach in adult education classes in the UK, or for other astrology schools and colleges.

You sit the exams during the autumn and early winter.  We issue the exam regulations and announce the dates in early summer.  There is no need to attend a centre as you take the exams at home.

Gaining the Diploma

In order to gain the Diploma, you need to take both the Certificate and the Diploma Exams.  Also you work on one history project, a mundane project (when Module 7, Part Two is ready) and two ‘live’ case studies of your choice which are in Modules 7 and 8.  You use a specific technique in one of the ‘live’ case studies; and, in the other one, you gain experience in receiving support and supervision.

Two examiners mark your Certificate and Diploma papers and there is a pass/fail rate for these.  Your tutor assesses the history and mundane projects; and the ‘live’ case studies.  S/he does not award marks as such; but s/he has the right to ask you to improve on your work. There are separate fees for taking the exams.   The projects and ‘live’ case studies are covered in the fees for Modules 7 and 8.

“Distance learning with astrologycollege.com gave me the flexibility and independence I needed in order to pursue more formal study of astrology.  I really appreciated having access to a personal tutor, especially as she was prompt in the assessment and return of my assignments; patient with my many questions and full of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for astrology.  I studied and took the exams for the Foundation and Diploma Courses, which I feel has given me the solid grounding in western astrology that I was seeking, and in turn it has provided a springboard for further exploration in the art of astrology.”  Dawn.  UK

Certificate Examinations

You can take the Certificate exams when you have completed the Foundation Course; or you have started on the Diploma course due to your earlier studies elsewhere.  Take the two Certificate papers in any year, but you should take them before doing the Diploma exams.

There are two exams.  Certificate Paper One covers Chart Calculation and Astronomy, and takes place over a weekend.   The other one, Certificate Paper Two covers Chart Interpretation and Explaining Astrology and is a two week project.  The college chooses a case study for chart interpretation and gives you the birth chart with a short case history.

Diploma Examinations

You can take the Diploma exams when you have finished Module 8.

There are three exams.  Diploma Paper One covers Chart Calculation and Astronomy, and Diploma Paper Two covers Interpretation Techniques and Ethics.  Papers One and Two take place over a weekend.  Diploma Paper Three covers Interpretation and Synastry.   You write a detailed analysis for one client and a brief analysis for a second client in some kind of relationship with the first client.  You also cover the synastry between the two, and their forecasts. A month is allowed to complete Diploma Paper Three.  The case study comes with all the charts and directions you will need, i.e. birth charts, synastry grid, midpoint composite charts, transits, secondary progressions and/or solar arc directions.

Passing the Diploma

If you pass the diploma you can become a full member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).   One of the benefits of membership, if you live in the UK, is that you can apply for  professional indemnity and public liability insurance.  You can also be listed on astrologycollege.com’s website on the Astrology Consultants’ Page.