Taster Course

Is astrology what you think it is?

Firstly, do you read your horoscope regularly?  Secondly, do you know what your Zodiac Sign is, the sign the Sun is in at your birth?  For example, if you were born on 12 February, you probably know that you are an Aquarian.  If you have got this far,  have you been thinking of learning astrology?

If you would like to find out more, start with our Taster Course which  is simple, straightforward and fun.  You are then in a position to decide whether astrology is for you or not.  There is not only the Sun astrologers look at at birth, but there is the Moon and nine other planets in the Zodiac Signs.  They can be described as astrological energies.  By starting to sudy astrology, you learn how to use these energies in a helpful, positive way, rather than allowing them to use you.

With guidance from your tutor, start to explore your own birth chart.  It is a psychological blue-print of your nature and potential.  When you have finished the course, you will have a basic understanding of a birth chart and some insight into your own.  This  chart is a map of the heavens for the time, date and place of your birth.

There are 6 lessons and 6 exercises.  The Manual (lessons) and Course Manual (exercises) come in one booklet.

pdf fee £150.